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about queen lu

Queen Lu the vision mama

A mama of 4 God given visions; Bathi UNOYOLO, Namhla UMVELELI, iintombi ZESIDIMA and My Body My Temple. A Queen called to serve Royals for God’s glory by reminding Royals who they are to God and their purpose to God for God’s glory. A Queen called to serve the Business Queens and Queens in ministry, reminding them, they have been called for God’s glory, been given words and power through their words for God’s glory. A Queen called to serve Princesses by reminding them they have been set apart. That they are groomed and mentored so they could become Queens for God’s glory. A Queen called to serve champions by reminding them to care for their bodies for their bodies are temples and are created for God’s glory. When the Royals and Champions have been reminded of this knowledge and know this again, they become blessed. When blessed, the Royals and Champions are then able to be used by God to be blessings for God’s glory.

Queen Lu The Writer

A Queen who loves her paper and ink even in the world that is constantly evolving because of technology. A Queen who believes in recording what is Divinely been laid in her heart so it may be shared and served as a purpose for God’s glory. A believer of recordings of constant evolving and recordings of new revelations from the word and from life. A Queen who believes in recording impacts of lessons from books, conversations, alone time and life, so they can be shared to self and others. A Queen who believes what is written becomes a seed and when it is shared it is then planted.

Queen Lu The Speaker

Throughout the year a word is shared in the Queendom. The word is read and the word is written. The word transforms us from the inside. It touches our minds, bodies and soul. When the read and written word is shared and has ministered to Queen Lu, she surrenders herself to being an instrument to be used by God to also deliver the word by speaking it. Queen Lu first spoke the word at Queen Meets Queens and first in public at Divine Connections. Serving the word is planting it, speaking the word is an invitation to live it. Where she is called to be used by God to speak, Queen Lu honours the call to speaking for God’s glory.

Queen Lu The Wellness Coach

1 Corinthians 6:19 asks the question; ‘do you not know your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, who you have received from God?’ A question that has made Queen Lu understand the importance of the body as a tool for Divine purpose. Queen Lu encourages Royals to care for their whole wellness. Remembering the body is  a temple, helps us remember its blessing. Wellness of our mind, body and soul helps us be able to serve through our God given gifts and talents, for God’s glory. As coach Lu, am honoured to serve champions for God’s glory.

Queen Lu The Life Coach

Lulu’s favourite question to ask at interviews is; ‘if you had to have a business related to your passion or something you love doing, what business would it be?’ Queen Lu would then challenge the candidates by asking why not do it or why have you not started it? Serving the candidates/ Royals in the how and journeying with the Royals in making their purpose their life, birthed the Life coach in Queen Lu. A Queen who believes that our passions give us life. When we live out our passions, allowing God to lead, our passions in turn gives us purpose and a life.

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