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Taking care of one’s body is giving thanks to its Creator for its blessing. My body My temple BOOTCAMP, encourages champions to thank God for their bodies by taking care of them. Choosing wellness is life changing. It is an awakening to the need to to lead a healthier lifestyle, taking a walk, jogging, even going to the gym,has a way of making one feel alive. The air rush into our bodies, like the opening of windows of a temple. Eating nourishing food is a choice to care for the temple that God has trusted you with.

June has come over us and the Champions who are part of My body My temple BOOTCAMP, still choose to care for their bodies. Different shapes and sizes, fill this divine space. All champions have different wellness journeys and different things that work for them. Choosing a healthy lifestyle, led by coach Lu still needs the champion to make a choice. Each champion still needs to choose a healthier lifestyle and choosing to be aware of their wellness.

A new month brings a new challenge. The types of food we would rather have and types of food we choose to have for a healthier lifestyle can be a challenge. Choosing to take that walk, jog in the cold rather than stay indoors and not do much for the temple can be a challenge. Kodwa by being encouraged to get up, to choose wellness, to do it with others, to be kept pushing for wellness, makes choosing a healthier lifestyle easier.

Be a champion, join other champions and be encouraged to choose wellness for your temple.

Queen Lu Kumkanikazi Vision

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