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How Royals connect

Our journey work has been driven through a whats app group. This has become a Divine space created for Royals to be able to connect. It all started via a BBM group and later it changed to whats app. This has become a Divine tool.

Yesterday and official share of another Divine tool was introduced to the Royals. Many have asked in the past for a website kodwa the time had not come. How we learn, be encouraged, be inspired and blessed in the Divine spaces is by the messages and teachings that are shared daily. Just like every month is dedicated to a specific group, every day of the of the week also has a theme. Mondays is dedicated to teaching Royals about money and known as money chat Mondays. Tuesday seed day, we learn about seeds and reminded how we are blessed by God to be a blessing. Wednesday is word day, where a word related to the yearly theme is shared. Thursday prayer day, is where we stand in the gap in prayer for each other and others. Friday my day, is a day where each Royal gets to be in a cloud of Glory with God. Saturday is a day where we stand in prayer for a specific group, catch up on what we missed and get to just be.

Royals are always encouraged to also share their comments and encouraging, blessed, positive messages in the Divine spaces. A majority of the Royals, feel more comfortable sharing directly with Queen Lu outside the Divine space. Royals do connect through the Divine spaces and no one is pressured to share. Sometimes one just wants to receive what is shared by other Royals.

Dear Royal, you are welcome to connect with the Queens or Princesses in the Divine spaces. I pray the connection will bless you for God’s glory. Divine connections are Royal.

Queen Lu Kumkanikazi Vision

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