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June for High School Princess

A new season, new day, new week and new month, all part of one day, can only mean blessings. It may be winter, not a preferred season by many kodwa it must serve its purpose.

What needs to die, needs to die. Don’t be scared by the word die. Sometimes the things that need to die from our lives, our bodies, our spirit even around us, may be things holding us back from new things. Let the winter season into every part of your life and let it serve its purpose.

Every month, we dedicate to a specific group and serve a purpose. Every month the Royals dedicate to standing in the gap in prayer for a specific group. June is dedicated to the iintombi ZESIDIMA Princesses who are in High School.

The Princesses who are part of iintombi ZESIDIMA, began their journey in 2018. They were learning about the mask. In 2019 teachings, it was all about the removing of the mask. The year 2020 is all about the Princess beneath the mask. The blessed person they are.

January, all the Royals from Bathi UNOYOLO, Namhla UMVELELI and iintombi ZESIDIMA, first began 2020 by seeking God. February, the Royals dedicated to standing in prayer for the primary school Princesses who are part of iintombi ZESIDIMA. March is dedicated to stand in prayer for all Single Queens. April all Royals stood in the gap in prayer, for this is a monthly dedicated to our nation. May was Mama Queens month and Royals stood in the gap in prayer for the Mama Queens who are in Bathi UNOYOLO. Now we are entering a new month, dedicated to the high school Princesses.

You may have a high school Princess, who is not part of iintombi ZESIDIMA or have a son in high school and would like us to include them in prayer this month. You are welcome to let us know and we shall stand in the gap in prayer for them. They do need to be reminded, they are blessed. All that can begin by God touching them in prayer.

You may be a parent or guardian who just wants to also join us by standing in prayer for all those in high school, connect with us and we can all make a difference in June for our High School Royals. Sowing a prayer for God’s glory is a Royal thing to do.

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