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The Divine Visions


Bathi UNOYOLO is a Divine vision which God planted in Queen Lu’s heart 2012. It was birthed in 2013 when we had our first Divine annual gathering which is known as Queen meets Queens.

BATHI UNOYOLO is Xhosa meaning they say you are blessed. The vision is founded on Proverbs 31:28 / Imizekeliso 31:28. The vision stands to remind Royals who we are to God and our worth to God.  Upon discovering that, we find and are reminded that we are blessed. God then uses us to be a blessing to others. Hence when others look at us Bathi UNOYOLO they say you are blessed.

Bathi UNOYOLO is divided into Single Queens, Married Queens, Mama Queens, and Business Queens. Each Divine group participates in being used as a blessing in their designated Divine outreach work. As much as Royals are part of the Royal family, being part of Bathi UNOYOLO is a Royal having a personal journey that reminds us of our uniqueness and blessed beings God created us to be. Bathi UNOYOLO is more of a journey than a ministry. I as Queen Lu am honoured to be chosen by God to lead Royals for God’s glory through this journey.


Namhla UMVELELI is a Divine vision that God planted in Queen Lu’s heart 2014 after the Business Queens home seminar and it was birthed 2015.  The vision serves to remind Royals that we have been chosen to uproot, tear down, destroy, and overthrow what is not of God. Chosen to build and plant what is of God for God’s glory.  God is using our gifts, talents, call and purpose to do all that. This is a vision that stands on Jeremiah 1:10 Yeremiya1:10. A direct call from God saying ‘I appoint you’ Namhla UMVELELI the chosen one.


My call to serve the Princesses in iintombi Zesidima has been a blessing.  As we seeked God, the purpose seemed outlined even clearer.  

This journey is to remind Princesses they are Royals on earth and God’s children in heaven.  They are meant to keep themselves in the ways and things of God.  With all that is happening around the Princesses, they should keep their relationship with God.  Keep the innocence of their relationship with God, allow the guidance of God to save them from many things and allow God to carve out the Queen they are becoming.  It does not matter the decision they have made in the past that may have affected their lives.  It matters the next step they take and whether they hold on to God and be kept by God or they take a step and be swallowed by the world.  

Everyone in this Divine space has something they face in the world. The vision aims to let Princesses  know that the one thing that can make them differ from other Princesses,  the one thing that will make others look at them and say nazi ‘iintombi Zesidima’  and one thing that will make them Noble and surpass them all is their fear of God.  Their kept relationship with God.  The vision is founded upon the scripture Proverbs 31:29/ Imizekeliso 31:29. 

My Body My Temple BOOTCAMP

I have always been passionate about Wellness and it became a formality 2015. I used to walk and keep active on my own and in the evenings and found it did wonders for my body, my mind and my spirit.  With my passion for it and already working with women in other Divine groups. I began to share my passion with other women. So many women I have met and spoken to would like to exercise or just get out the house for a bit or just get a breather and still using their time wisely.  Going to gym can be a drag or even not always get motivated. This vision caters for our minds, bodies and souls and our wellbeing.  It’s fun, we put in the work, it’s motivating, we have personal challenges in a group environment and keep our progress in check.  

The My Body My Temple Bootcamp vision, stands on 1 Corinthians 6:19 ‘Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?’ We have to care for our blessed bodies and be thankful to God for them. We get to live and use our Divine gifts and talents through these bodies and taking care of them is like thanking God for them. Coach Lu through her passion, helps and assists the champions or members of this Divine vision through her passion for wellness.

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